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Because they learn their colleagues' answers to such questions as How do you price your work?, How did you find your gallery? and What is the importance of knowing art history? And they get the chance to have their own responses published. They also find out what other painters, sculptors, printmakers, new-media users, etc., are doing and thinking.

They get readers' recommendations for materials, supplies, books, services, and other things that will make their lives easier and more meaningful. They find mind-engaging quotes, funny stuff about art, even art jokes.

Perhaps that's why one subscriber who's been an artist for over 50 years said it's "the greatest publication I have ever encountered dealing with art and artists." Others have called it "intriguing," "fascinating," "full of meaningful information," and "one of the few things in the art world I look forward to." (click here for more quotes)

Won't you join them? studioNOTES believes that in the world of art, artists should come first. It's published 5 times a year by artists, for artists, and it aids and abets the exchange of information and ideas among all regardless of their geographic location, medium or style. And it's guaranteed: If at any time you feel that studioNOTES has not lived up to your expectations, you may cancel and get a full refund. So please subscribe today.

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Note: If you want to be asked your opinions and experience about such subjects as How did you find your current gallery? How important is it to know art history? or Have you had direct experience with sleazy practices in the art world?, send us an email saying that you want to be contacted for survey articles. If you would like to be in the pool of artists selected for short interviews about what they have been doing, say you are available for interview. If you have your own website and would like it to be listed on our new site, currently under costruction, please include that, too. Email Us Here.