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Monday, January 24, 2005
  RFQ: E Plaza at 16th ST. Mission BART Station San Francisco

Art Opportunities

There are many areas in the redesign of the plaza that could potentially be enhanced. Each art opportunity may include more than one enhancement area or element. Finalist will be invited to explore various options in developing their proposals.

A few possibilities are:

· Mural at top of stairway

· Enhancements to directional sign

· Metal work at perimeter fence

Project Goals

To create permanent public artworks which:


Submission Requirements

Interested artists or teams must submit five copies of the following in order to demonstrate their qualifications and interest:

Submission Information

Please be sure that your name appears on all materials submitted. Applications will not be accepted by electronic facsimile transmission (FAX) or electronic mail (e-mail).

All applicants will be notified of the results of the competition by mail once a final decision has been made. Please do not call BART regarding the status of selection for projects.

References and evidence of past projects that are submitted as part of an application may be researched and contacted for verification by BART as part of the selection process and such information may be provided to the selection panel by BART staff.

As an individual, an artist may submit only one application. The artist may also be included as a member of a team application as long as another artist serves as the lead team member.

DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK. Applicants are strongly encouraged to send only duplicate slides and to retain a complete copy of their application for their records. Late applications will not be considered. Please do not submit any materials other than those listed above. Additional materials will not be shown to selection panelists. Please do not staple or bind your application materials. BART will retain the resumes submitted with each application and slides will be returned. Every effort will be made to ensure the safe handling of submitted materials. However, BART will not be responsible for any loss or damage.


Submittals for the purpose of establishing qualifications and interest are due at BART by 4:00 PM on Tuesday, February 1, 2005. This is not a postmark date. Late applications will not be accepted.

Send Submittals to:

Laura A. Timothy

ART Qualifications-NE Plaza 16th Street Mission Station Project

Customer Access Department

300 Lakeside Dr, 16th Floor

Oakland, CA 94612

Delivery phone numbers: (510) 464-6446 or (510) 464-6149

BART is not responsible for the loss or damage of any submitted materials. For delivery information regarding delivery please contact: Laura Timothy telephone: (510) 464-6446, or email:

Criteria and Process for Selecting Qualified and Interested Artists

The following criteria will be used in the selection of up to five artists or artist teams who will be “short-listed” and invited to propose artworks for this project:

The best qualified artists or teams will be selected by a panel which will include three to five members: a professional artist and/or and arts professional with experience in public art; a community representative; one BART staff member from the sponsoring department or a member of the Art at BART Committee. The panel will be advised by a non-voting advisory team to insure quality and consistency with the planned plaza improvements. The advisory team will include engineers, maintenance staff, architects and designers involved in the NE Plaza design.


The following information is included to help potential applicants determine their interest in participating in this project. Artists or teams who are invited to propose artworks for this project will be supplied detailed instructions regarding the format and deadlines for proposals.

Final Proposal Selection

Up to five artists or teams submitting qualifications and statements of interest will be chosen as finalists by the selection panel. The finalists will receive a written request to develop schematic design proposals. Finalist artists or teams will each be paid a $1000 lump sum to attend an orientation session, develop proposals and present the concept design and required information to the selection panel. Detailed proposals will include a written narrative, estimated project budget, visual materials (such as renderings or a model) necessary to convey the complete concept for the project, and reference material regarding any proposed contractor and/or subcontractors. Finalists will be required to submit recommendations from references along with the proposal.

Upon review of the candidates/teams proposals and presentations the panel will recommend one artist or artist team for each opportunity. The final recommendations of the selection panel will be presented to Community Advisory Committee--a local committee concerned with the design of the NE Plaza.

Contract Requirements and Budget

Two Professional Services Agreements will be awarded for artworks. The total project budget for each art opportunity is up to $43,000. This amount must include all design fees, fabrication, transportation, overhead, travel, oversight, oversight of installation by artist, professional services, insurance and any other costs associated with completion of the project. Installation of the art will be provided by a separate agreement.

The selected artist or team selected for each art opportunity will be required to enter into a contract with BART for the entire duration of the project. This contract may require the artist to maintain a City of San Francisco business license and insurance such as auto, general liability, and workers’ compensation. A copy of BART’s Standard Professional Service Agreement with Terms and Conditions is available upon request.

BART will retain all materials submitted by applicants who are awarded a contract with BART for promotional, exhibition and/or educational purposes. This includes any models, maquettes, drawings, site plans, slides and/or photographs. Materials submitted by applicants not awarded contracts will be returned at the applicants' expense. Submitted materials must include packaging sufficient for the safe return of any such materials.


· Tuesday, February 1, 2005 -Submissions to Request for Artists Qualifications must be received by BART no later than 4:00 PM.

· Friday, February 4, 2005 -Notification of up to five finalists

· Wednesday, February 9, 2005 -Mandatory pre-proposal meeting with finalists

· Wednesday, March 9, 2005 -Finalist interviews and selection of recommended artists or teams.

· End of March 2005 -Execute contract and Notice to Proceed

· Mid May 2005 -Final Revisions to Conceptual Design

· End of May 2005 -Final Design Submittal

· June- September 2005 -Fabrication

· September 2005- End of NE Plaza Construction –Artist to provide oversight of installation

BART reserves the right, as its best interests may appear, to reject any and all applicants or proposals, to reject any finalist, to waive informalities in applications or proposals, to terminate the selection process for any project, or to terminate any project without prior notice.

Any questions or comments regarding this request for qualifications may be addressed to Laura Timothy by email at

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