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Saturday, May 15, 2004
  Visual Aid’s Lectures and Workshops

Visual Aid exists to encourage artists with life-threatening illnesses to continue their creative work. They help produce, present and preserve the work of such professional artists from the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area, providing direct services from art supplies to exhibitions and career development.

They also present lectures and workshops for their artists and these are also open to students and the general public. Subjects have included talks on the influence of graffiti, making mixed media assemblages and shooting professional-quality slides. For more information on these, call 415-777-8242 or email Juile Blankenship, Executive Director.

Other sources useful to people with life-threatenting illnesses include Visual Aids (NYC) and “Art and Understanding America's AIDS Magazine
  Arts & Healing Network Website Enhanced, Relaunched

The Arts & Healing Network has remodeled to include a search capability, easier navigation and more information on the power of art to heal.

From their press release: "The original Arts & Healing Network web site was launched in 1997 as an online resource for anyone interested in the healing potential of art. . . Today the site offers a wealth of information including an extensive community projects section, healing artist pages, grants, books, events,links, an interactive bulletin board, an artist support section, a monthly news page featuring interviews with leaders in the field, and more. The site is now fully searchable using Atomz technology, and there
is a new e-mailing list so that visitors can sign up to receive a monthly email newsletter." 
  Scam Alert

According to the May/June State of the Arts, the newsletter of the Montana Arts Council, a scam aimed at artists has surfaced. Basically, it is some variation of this: A woman calls an artist late at night about a painting she saw published on the Internet or elsewhere. She says she has to leave for England in the morning but she's really excited about the work and wants to send a cashier's check to buy it and have it shipped immediately to some far-away location for her daughter's birthday, or as a wedding present, or some other particular thing that is just days away. Because the woman just loves the work so much, she orders another painting shipped to some other country, as well. Because it is a rush-job, she offers extra money for the expedited shipping.
Shortly after the cashier's check is deposited, the woman calls back to say some specific family tragedy unfortunately requires her to request a refund. She is really sorry, she says, but what can she do? The artist, feeling friendly towards the caller because of her previous enthusiasm about the work and feeling sympathetic to her plight, sends the refund. Some days later the artist gets a call or a letter from the bank. The cashier's check, it turns out, was counterfeit, the caller cannot be found. 
Friday, May 14, 2004
  Subscriber of the Moment: Ellen Jantzen

Ellen Jantzen, of Valencia CA, produces sculptural organic forms and digital prints. She says she wants her sculpture to "resonate with nature: seed pod, chrysalis, nest forms," and explains, "“I shape these from a pulp made of recycled paper and other natural materials." She often then photographs the forms and uses her computer to turn the images into digitally altered and manipulated limited edition prints. She is the holder of two US Patents for products designed for Mattel Toys and another for the Pursenalizer concept. Her work has been given show awards at Period Gallery, Omaha NE, Chico (CA) Art Center, Galeria Mesa, Mesa AZ and elsewhere and had a recent solo show at the Stretch Gallery in Pineville, North Carolina. Her work has been in dozens of group shows in Illinois, New York, Colorado and elsewhere, and is in several commercial galleries. She has been an Art Opportunities Monthly subscriber since July 2002 (see AOM gallery at and an e-Journal subscriber since the beginning. Her website is <
  Find Used Art Books Cheap

According to a survey by Book Hunter Press, more used books are now being sold on line now than through storefronts. And no wonder. You can search the Web for the best deal, something that would take an impractical amount of time and an unreasonable amount of money by any other method.

The place to start -- and probably end -- such a search is Abebooks. They publish current price and availability from 1000's of independent bookstores worldwide in an easy-to-search database. For instance, if you wanted a copy of Dr. Peter Selz’s “New Images of Man,” you could find and order it one for only $3.00 from a bookstore in Pennsylvania (or you could get a copy from a bookstore in Paris for $110 -- same book). This catalog for the groundbreaking 1959 MOMA show is probably a collector’s item and has reproductions, some in color, of work by Nathan Oliveira, Francis Bacon, de Kooning, Dubuffet Giacometti, Diebenkorn, Jackson Pollack and other luminaries.

And to make it easy for you, AOM is now an affiliate. Simply go to, scroll nearly to the bottom and click on the Abebooks banner. 
Thursday, May 13, 2004
  Subscriber of the Moment: Deborah Harris

Deborah Harris, based in Berkeley CA, makes paintings and woodblock prints, often with Spanish titles. She received her BFA from American University, followed by two years at The New York School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture, then an MFA from AU. In the last couple of years she has shown at the Berkeley Art Center, The Sebastopol (CA) Center for the Arts and the Nexus Gallery in Berkeley. She says on her site,, that: “The paintings are about the mysterious alchemy which turns pigment into expressive, evocative form.” She has been a subscriber to the studioNOTES e-journal since Nov. 2003. 
  Subscriber of the Moment: Beth Edwards

Beth Yarnelle Edwards had a solo show, "Rêves de Banlieue (Suburban Dreams)," at Musée de la Photographie à Charleroi, Belgium, last December through February. On the heels of that, her work was shown at AIPAD: The Photography Show (Robert Klein Gallery) New York City. A year ago she showed 54 pieces from the same series in a solo at Chateau d'Eau, Toulouse, France, the oldest photography museum in Europe. During the past six years she has had one-woman shows at more than 15 other places, and she has also participated in over 50 group exhibitions. Her work has appeared in such publications as The New Yorker, Harpers, Adbusters, Portfolio, and European Photography. She is a recipient of The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation Visual Arts Award; the Ruttenberg Foundation Award; The Santa Fe Photographic Project Competition, and the grand prix of the Salon International de la Recherche Photographique de Royan, France. Her work is in many collections including SFMOMA, the Oakland Museum of California, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

A long-time subscriber to the original studioNOTES and a charter subscriber to Art Opportunities Monthly, Beth was the subject of an interview in sN, No 27, January 2000. Several of her generous and insightful comments have also been published in other sN articles and books and she remains an important advisor and consultant. On her schedule for the rest of this year are: a four-person show at James Nicholson Gallery (49 Geary 4th Fl, San Francisco); beginning June 2 and a show at Photofusion Gallery, London, UK, of work by five of the ten women whose work is in the the book, Masquerade: Women's Contemporary Portrait Photography ( starting May 28. She'll also have images in Adbusters, BIG and O, The Oprah Magazine in the near future. She is represented by the Robert Klein Gallery, (38 Newbury St 4th Fl, Boston MA 02116. 617-267-7997; email) and may be contacted through them or by e-mailing her directly.
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