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Saturday, March 20, 2004
  The Purpose of Art

Pasco, a town of 40,000 in southeast Washinton, USA, used to have a program of showing art in City Hall. In 1996, two pieces were removed from that venue because of alleged complaints about nudity and subject matter, specifically a small sculpture of a human backside and woodcuts of a nude(!) Adam and Eve touring landmarks in German.

The artists sued, since the city had no official policy about what could be shown and what could not. After the 9th Circuit Court ruled in favor of the artists, the City appealed to the US Supreme Court but in 2001 that court let the ruling stand,

The City responded by pulling the plug on the program. "Since we lost that suit, we consciously and deliberately avoid any public arts program," said City manager Gary Crutchfield. "Yes, the art was a nice diversion for people paying their water bills," he said, explaining the purpose of having the art in the first place, "but for the city it was a minefield."

See -- Local government -- Some controversies -- like nude art -- defy compromise and and Hopper v. City of Pasco, 241 F.3d. 1067 (9th Cir. 2001). Obtained appellate court judgment that artist's first amendments right had been violated by the removal of art for the Pasco City Hall.for more. 
Friday, March 19, 2004
  Visual Aid's Spring 2004 Lecture and Workshop Series

You are invited to attend Visual Aid's Spring 2004 Lecture and Workshop Series. These events are free to Visual Aid artists, students and the general public. If you would like to attend, please rsvp by contacting Visual Aid. To reserve your place at a lecture or tour, or for more information call 415-777-8242 or email Juile Blankenship, Executive Director at To find out more about Visual Aid or to make a donation, visit our website at

Street Culture and Graffiti Art as Influence and Inspiration

Friday, March 26, 3:00pm
San Francisco Art Institute (meet in Courtyard), 800 Chestnut Street, SF

Nicole Repack finds art and inspiration from the street skateboarders along the Embarcadero and bike messengers installations--rather than from galleries and museums. She will discuss the influence of street culture and graffiti on her own work in a slide lecture.

While studying at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1996, Repack attended a lecture on graffiti art that would change her work forever. She was deeply moved by the rawness and spontaneity of graffiti art and was driven to begin tagging her pseudonym on the street. Since then, Ms. Repack has continued onward with her graffiti career as the infamous girl-power, graffiti artist, Jocelyn Superstar 2003. This street work greatly informs both her studio-made glam, mixed media, painted collages and also her more obsessive installation pieces. Ms. Repack has shown her work extensively in galleries and experimental art spaces including Catharine Clark Gallery, Pond, Galeria de la Raza, and The Lab. The artist self publishes Super Propaganda, an underground graffiti magazine, and is writing a book documenting the history of graffiti art. Nicole Repack and her collaborator, Isis Rodriguez, a.k.a. Little Miss Attitude, were recently awarded an art residency at the Norcal/ Sanitary Fill garbage dump site and recycling facility in Brisbane. Nicole Repacks artwork is currently exhibited in the lobby of 220 Montgomery. For more information about Repack and her work, visit,, or

AKA Mooshka: Exploring Assemblage and Mixed-Media Sculpture

Sunday, April 25, 11:30am
Headlands Center for the Arts
Ft. Barry, Bldg. 945, Marin Headlands (MUNI Bus #76 runs every Sunday)

Informal lecture and studio tour by Kevin Cata, Pueblo, also known as Mooshka. Mooshka is a mixed-media textile sculptor, assemblage and installation artist who will be an Artist in Residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts (HCA) during April. Mooshkas Native American influenced objects and altars include fetish kachinas and ladder-like forms. Sculptures of a miniature pueblo and beehive stove, along with drawings based on the traditional Man in the Maze story are some of the works planned for completion during the residency.

Mooshka will open his studio and give a short lecture at 11:30 am for the Visual Aid community. He has invited a group from the Native American AIDS Project to come out and do a ritual blessing that morning. Afterwards, enjoy Spring Open House at HCA, where studios of 35 other artists will be open to the public and artists will be on hand to discuss their work from 12-5pm. For more information on Mooshka, visit

For more information on HCA:

Behind the Scenes Tour of the San Francisco Art Institute
Thursday, May 13th, 2pm
San Francisco Art Institute (meet in Courtyard), 800 Chestnut Street, SF

A special tour of the San Francisco Art Institutes painting, ceramic and sculpture studios, galleries, photography and digital labs, and library, conducted by David King, SFAI Admissions staff and collage artist. The tour will include visits to the Diego Rivera, Stillights and McBean galleries. At the McBean Gallery, featuring the annual Artist Book Show, viewers will be encouraged to put on gloves and carefully handle a variety of wonderful hand-made books; viewing each object on intimate terms.

The San Francisco Art Institute is committed to art-making as an education in and of itselfas a way of thinking and living. The 133 year old institution currently supports a student body of 660 emerging artists. The Art Institutes history is filled with luminaries who have effected lasting change on contemporary artpainters Diego Rivera, Mark Rothko, RichardDiebenkorn, and Jay DeFeo; photographers Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, and Imogen Cunningham; filmmakers Stan Brakhage, Bruce Conner and Gunvor Nelson; sculptors Manuel Neri, Bruce Nauman and Mark di Suvero; conceptual and performance artists Karen Finley, and Nayland Blake, among others. More recently, as described by New York Times critic Michael Kimmelman, the college has served as an academic oasis and think tank for artists toiling at the intersection of moving images, sculpture, and Conceptualism. For more information about SFAI go to and view David King's collages at

Creating Professional Slides
Friday, June 18, 3pm
49 Geary Street, Ste. 244, San Francisco (Geary near Market St.)

Learn how to make professional-looking slides of your artwork. John Wilson White, professional photographer and artist, will demonstrate simple techniques for making slides of artwork using both natural or artificial lighting. White has a degree from the San Francisco Art Institute, and has worked with individual artists and galleries to document artwork and installations in slide and high-quality digital file format. This is your opportunity to ask everything you always wanted to know about setting up lights, balancing color, and resolving parallax issues. 
  News from Budget Gallery

Here's an email from Steve Lambert:
- - - -
- - - -
It's been so hot here lately (sorry non-Californians) we cooked up a plan for a Budget Gallery Showcase on Thursday, April 1st. Where will this show be? The Budget Gallery is going to make neighbors with our fellow SF galleries in downtown ear Geary and Market. San Francisco near Geary and Market. There's about 32 high-end fine art galleries in that area, so we'll let them provide you with the free wine while the Budget Gallery takes our preferred place outside on the sidewalk.

The Budget Gallery Showcase is sort of our annual "juried show," where we invite 7 artists to show work in a more protected environment. We settled on this loose Bob Barker/Price Is Right theme, but none of the
art has much to do with that. Anyway, this year we are proud to bring you: Sara Dierck (featured in the upcoming Kitchen Sink Magazine), Dale Dreiling, Mr. Theodore, Annie
Vought, Eve Mosher, Eloise Harold, and Michael Kenny. For more info on these artists and pictures of sample work, check the artists page on our website - our website.

Here's the details to put on your calendar:
A Budget Gallery Showcase
Geary at Market St in San Francisco
Thursday April 1st (First Thursday) 2004

Feel free to forward this info on to friends!

- - - -
- - - -
Oh, and there's a couple pictures of last Fall's Armory Show on the website. We turned two U-Haul's together to make a gallery. It was a moment off great resourcefulness in the worst winter storm we had the whole season.

- - - -
- - - -
I have set up a separate email list for my other projects and exhibitions as an individual. I would encourage anyone who would be interested in signing up to do so. Mailings are sparse yet decidedly informative and, by nature, more focused on my own work than the work I do with the Budget Gallery.
my site:
my email list:

And as long as we're on the subject, I've started making clothing which is available here. I'd like to get them distributed as far and wide as possible, so please take a look. If you make an order, thank you for the support. I'll be adding more soon.

- - - -
- - - -
As a nod to a much respected, hard working colleague we'd like to point you to Stay Free Magazine. A great publication on it's own, they are also working on the Illegal Art Project. The project centers around the laws which bound our expression, issues near and dear to us.
We thought you might be interested too.

See you April 1st,


Steve Lambert
Founder and Co-Director
The Budget Gallery
email list sign up - 
Sunday, March 14, 2004
  The future of film photography

The future of film photography, an article on HP's website, says: "Film still has the upper hand where quality is concerned. But for many people who have made the switch to digital, the advantages far outweigh the shortcomings." While film-based photography is still the best by far for shooting reproduction-quality slides of your work, a digital camera is almost de rigueur for recording stages of a work in progress or shooting source material.

Tip: to solve color or composition problems in a painting, take a digital image of it, then use imaging software (Irfanview, Photoshop Elements, The Gimp, etc.) to change colors, values or other elements. If you are having trouble with the relationships of color intensities, you can convert the image to grayscale and study that. You can print out several versions --with or without color -- and pin them on your wall to compare them. While the colors and color relationships produced by the average inkjet printer are not always accurate, you can paint over the prints to get what you want.
  Send Email Messages to Cell Phone

Teleflip, is a free service, now in beta testing mode, that lets you email a text message to a cell phone.

The site says: "The next time you need someone to email you directions, a recipe, sales information, or maybe just a few sweet nothings... tell them to TELEFLIP™ it, at:
(yourcellphonenumber)," but of course new media types will also see it as a possible medium. 
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