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Number 26

August - October 1999

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PORTFOLIO: Set up a web site as an online portfolio; have the URL printed on your business card. The potential of this technology is only limited by your imagination. The last three shows I had were all due in part to my being able to instantly send someone to my cyber studio. -Mike Kendall, Benicia CA

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NOTICE: We have set up a free list-serv that will allow studioNOTES subscribers to post messages that anyone else on the list can read and reply to, but which no outsiders can. Subjects could include gallery relationships, technical problems, shows to see - or anything else that working artists might want to discuss. This is not a "real-time" chat: all messages will be sent by e-mail so you can read them at your leisure. For instructions on how to join - it's easy - please e-mail us at


Some recent accomplishments by sN readers: Rene di Rosa's book, Local Color, was published by Chronicle Books. A photograph by Beth Yarnelle Edwards was used as an illustration for a John Updike story in The New Yorker, May 17. Another photo was published in the July issue of Harpers Magazine. Inez Storer and Heather Wilcoxon each won Pollock-Krasner Foundation grants in painting. David Tomb had yet another drawing published in The New Yorker (May 24th). Frédéric Madre won 1st prize in the International Trash-Art Festival and has been invited to Moscow for participation in the international symposium, NewMediaLogia2.

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