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Number 27

November 1999 - January 2000


Free classified ads (up to 3 lines) for job openings; materials, equipment, or supplies you want to give away or trade; or materials, equipment or supplies wanted. All other classified ads are $2.50/line, $5.00 minimum. 10% discount for running ad 5 times.


ARTISTS WANTED. Looking for serious artists to participate in exhibitions at our Beverly Hills gallery. Send bio/slides/ photos/sase to Lawrence Gallery, 9507 Santa Monica Blvd #310, Beverly Hills CA 90210

Int'l Exhibitions monthly, varied themes, $30/3 slides; $5 ea. add'l. $3000 for upcoming shows. Notifications sent re: which entries qualify for which monthly show. SASE: Period Gallery, 5174 Leavenworth, Omaha NE 68106, 402-556-3218; show on website.

WORLDPORTRAITS.COM is actively seeking all styles of portrait work. Send: 5 slides/photos, résumé, statement, & SASE to: Michelle Castro 2905 Fresno St., Santa Clara, CA 95051. E-mail: Ph/Fax: 408-244-9173


FULL-TIME TEACHING-VISITING LECTURER (or part-time lecturers). Sculptor - 2000-2001: A/D Jan. 1, 2000 or until filled. Part-time teaching positions: A/D Nov. 1, 1999 or until filled. Sculptor - Sp. 2000: 3D design, ceramic sculpture, figure sculpture. Painters - Sp. 2001 & Sp. 2001: Adv. painting/drawing, computer art, introduction to studio art. (Sabb. Rplcmt. - pending funding). Gallery Director - 2000-2001: A/D Jan. 1, 2000 or until filled.. Qualifications: Adv. degree, exhibit record, teaching exp. and/or gallery dir. exp. Send 20 slides, vita, letter of app. w/teach. philos., 3 ph. #'s for references, sase. SC, Art Dept. Calif. State Univ., Stanislaus, 801 W. Monte Vista Ave., Turlock, CA 95382. Fax: (209) 667-3871

INTERDISCIPLINARY ARTS CENTER in the College of Creative Arts at SF State University seeks emerging leader to head the IAC MA program. Teach 3 courses per term, etc. Advise, serve on MA projects/thesis committees, develop arts ed. curriculum, etc. Candidate must have unusual flexibility & breadth of capabilities, able to work with students from all the arts. For more info: Search Committee, interdisc. Arts Ed Position, c/o IAC, CA 353, SFSU, 1600 Holloway Av, SF CA 94132

ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER for the Richmond Art Center. F/T, financial management and bookkeeping, preparation of budgets, cash flow projections and reports. BA preferred, 2-3 years exp. Mac: Quickbooks, FilemakerPro, MS Word, Excel. EOE. 510-620.6772



(510) 222-2535

GEORGE POST PHOTOGRAPHY -- fast, expert shots of your work. Slides-prints-b&w, 35mm-120-4x5, all media. 510-237-0197



Professionally facilitated group meets in San Francisco to provide ongoing community for artists and writers and personal support for their creative aspirations. Call Robert Ressler, (415) 289-2212


ARTIST'S LABELS Captions for your 35 mm slides for fine artists, photographers, sculptors and graphic artists.
Highest archive quality, fast service.
1117-2 Leisure Ln., Walnut Creek CA 94595
CALL (925) 944-6362 for brochure.


Try our Crystal Clear Plastic Bags for Art & Photography. Call Impact Images at 1-800-233-2630 for a free sample & price list.

LASER-PRINTED SLIDE LABELS Call for info/price/sample sheet. 510-237-0197

500 HISTORICAL AND MODERN COLORS: Natural earth pigments, natural organic dyes and manufactured mineral and organic pigments. Use in oil, egg tempera, fresco, acrylic, gouache, plaster, casein, and other vehicles. We carry the most extensive, professional line of raw materials for fine arts. Free catalog. Kremer Pigments, 228 Elizabeth St, New York NY 10012 800-995-5501.

Subscriptions to studioNOTES have been approved by the National Board of Seasonal Giving as appropriate gifts, either in honor of one of the many fine holidays at this time of the year or simply because your are a sensitive, caring, intelligent person.

The Selected Opportunities Supplement is now available 11 times a year as a separate publication. It contains up to 100 competitions, grants, commission possibilities and other calls for entries of interest to fine artists. Only $15 per year by email, or $20 by ground. If you are a studioNOTES sub-scriber, take $5 off either price.

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