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Number 26

August - October 1999

New Crop

At my high school, although not everyone believed it, the atmosphere was that we needed to get good grades so that we could go to a good college and get a good job where we could make lots of money. Even in this wealth- oriented climate, though, a few people still wanted to go to art school. I interviewed four June graduates of San Francisco high schools who had planned to attend art school and asked them why.

It turned out that two of them, Maya Burman and my friend Rowena, won't be going this fall, because they both felt they needed more preparation. Another, Jennifer Allen, who attended the SF [High] School of the Arts, was accepted to art school, but then changed her mind because she found that working in other subjects motivated her to do art, and that "the best art work comes from doing other stuff."

Joanne Chan, however, will start art school this fall-at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. In her sophomore year in high school she took a class in painting to fulfill a graduation requirement and "discovered I liked it much better" than other classes; it was "the only class that made me feel happy." She then took several advanced classes, yet she's "really nervous" about art school because she expects "people there are much better than you." Although she's not sure what she'll do after CCAC-perhaps go on to get her masters-whatever she does will "definitely be related to art."

 - Jessamy Gloor (who will be entering Mills College in the fall to "study everything, basically, because I like to learn things.")

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