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Number 24

March - May 1999

Readers Recommend

WEB SITES: Have a look at Potatoland for some innovative things in an artist's website. Shredder will add a little pizazz to your own web site if you dare. Lots of other stuff here:

This site has an excellent catalog of contemporary artists - it's in Italian but easy to navigate. Click on Artisti to see the list of artists at the site, or Ricera (Search) to search for an artist, event or museum:

-Joseph Augusta,, Cape Cod MA

BOOK: I think Sam Francis: Metaphysics of the Void (Patrick Walberg, Hacker Art Books, 1988) asks questions we all have about the meaning of life, particularly as it relates to art. It's not silly; it deals with real thoughts, real concerns, not just of artists but all of Humanity. Is this not terribly important for all of us?

-Nancy Jackson, Vallejo CA

VIDEO: 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould. Inspiring, creative. I always find something new to think about when I watch it, often act upon some new way to look at things.

-Joan Schulze, Sunnyvale CA

BOOK: Under the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy by Frances Mayes (Broadway Books, 1997). Great essays about Italy, renovating a farm house, planting flowers and veggies, cooking and writing. Also about being in a foreign country and trying to understand it. I had spent some time in Tuscany when I was 20. I hitchhiked around the little towns sketching and writing. People used to laugh at me a bit, as I wore plaid slacks and funny black shoes. More in style now. So lots of memories.

She gives great recipes and I do love to cook and eat. I was recovering from the flu so I couldn't eat much. Lots of nourishment from this book. And an important reminder to renew as an artist. The author shares how she does it.

-Patricia Tavenner, Berkeley CA

EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS: Smith Industrial, 2424 Grant Av, San Leandro CA, 510-276-7220. Just about everything you need for sandblasting just about anything.

-Michael Starbow, Benicia CA

WEB SITES: is beautiful, and a creative website by an artist is

-Joan Schulze, Sunnyvale CA

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