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Number 22

October - December 1998

Readers Recommend

BOOK: The San Francisco School of Abstract Expressionism, by Susan Landauer, UC Press 1996. Here is some brain food for San Francisco area artists: By Landauer's account, Rothko's signature style, Still's style, Reinhardt's style (esp. by way of Ed Corbett), and several other aspects of AE came directly out of a unique situation in San Francisco. How did this style end up being known as the New York School and how did San Francisco get shortchanged out of its share of recognition for this style? A fascinating story of a major art movement and, when taken with other books of this area, an important part of the web of art history.

- Erik Keilholtz, Oakland CA

BOOK: The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, by Julia Cameron. New York, GP Putnam's Sons 1992. This book has been tremendously helpful for me personally as an artist, particularly whenever I have hit a place where I feel blocked. Cameron offers tools such as morning pages and artist dates that help keep one's creative juices flowing. Each chapter focuses on a quality such as power, integrity, identity, abundance, etc. Although this book is structured as a 12 chapter, 12-week program, I used it in a more sporadic way, reading sections as they became appropriate for me. I think however you approach this book, it has much to offer.

- Mary Daniel Hobson, SF CA

BOOK: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, by Christiane Northrup, isn't an art book. It's a book about health - a groundbreaking one. I think it's important for artists because it provides new ways of looking at how our bodies function in the world; how emotions, mental health and our sense of spirit manifest in the body. She details how our culture has regarded women's bodies and how that guides our relationships with ourselves and each other. She's a warm, compassionate writer who uses anecdotes about herself and her patients to illustrate her theories. Art aside, it's a great resource for men and especially for women. I think that for artists, an insightful book that changes how we think about the body and its role in our lives can be incredibly important.

- Jodi Perelman, SF CA

BOOK: Creating A Life Worth Living: A Practical Course in Career Design for Artists, Innovators, and Others Aspiring to a Creative Life, by Carol Lloyd, Harper Collins Publishers, Inc. 1997. This book could change your life. Lloyd describes very practical exercises and gives advice for those seeking to make a career out of creativity. Each chapter concludes with an interview of a creative person - from filmmakers to artists to actors - and examines how he or she structures his or her life and achieved success. I found it incredibly helpful in learning how to set and reach personal goals. Lloyd has a great writing style, speckled with a lot of humor and stories from her students. As artists we are all hungry for hearing how others have pieced their lives together to support their creativity - it's inspiring, and so is this book.

- Mary Daniel Hobson

BOOK: Art of the San Francisco Bay Area 1945-1980, by Thomas Albright, UC Press 1984. This is a good overview of where Bay Area art has been and where it is going. Sometimes it is a bit startling to see how things come back (often with the same or similar cast) in refreshing variations (for instance the Society of Six's style and philosophy recast in the 1950's and 1960's as Bay Area Figurative Painting- and I can think of one link between the two by way of Terry St. John and Louis Siegriest).

- Erik Keilholtz

WEB SITE: (Arts and Healing Network) focuses on the healing potential of art and is firmly rooted in the idea that artists can be catalysts for positive change in the world. The site includes an extensive section on community projects, a thorough listing of current events (such as classes, conferences, and exhibitions), a registry of over 200 visual artists, and a resource section including grants, consultants, and books. The site is also an exchange - there is an interactive bulletin board and the Arts and Healing Network is always looking for more information to post for free.

-Mary Daniel Hobson

BOOK: Art [Objects]: Essays on Ecstasy and Effrontery, by Jeanette Winterson. Witty, original, insightful, challenging, etc., with the following sections of particular interest to art people: p. 3 Art Objects, p. 133 Imagination & Reality, p. 153, Art & Life.

- Donna Duguay, Emmeryville CA

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