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Number 16

June - August 1997

Glen Rogers Perrotto
The Power of Three - Beginning
41 x 29 1/2 in.

GLEN ROGERS PERROTTO is just finishing another public art piece. Called "Free Fall," it will be installed in the entranceway of the newly renovated Rosemary Elementary School in Campbell CA, and will consist of two 22' long by 3' wide vertically-hung banners. The background of the artwork will be dark blue, which is characteristic of the medium, cyanotype, a kind of photogram. On it will be almost-white images of young children floating through space. To make the piece, she directed children in grades 2-4 to take various falling or floating poses while lying on sections of specially treated cloth outdoors in the sunlight. "They had to hold still for 15 minutes, but they loved it." Perrotto also placed hula hoops, bicycle wheels and Frisbees on the cloth to create circular images interspersed with the figures. To complete the banners, she'll develop the sections in plain water and have them sewn together.

She is also continuing to make one-of-a-kind prints, which are often combinations of monotype and drypoint, and sometimes photo-etching. She uses either metal or acrylic plates and begins by scratching into them with a sharp instrument because "I like a lot of texture." Although she begins each piece with a general theme in mind, she usually lets "the shapes emerge from the ink." She has been printing on rice paper, and now and then tears up one print to collage it on top of another. When she uses a photo-based process, she begins by photographing a figure and then transferring the image onto a plate and working into it.

The future? Continue to explore various media on paper, particularly monotype and large-scale drawings. She also plans to do more public art work, and recently designed a fence for a new homeless shelter in collaboration with architect Bill Gould. Her work can be seen in San Jose CA at the d.p. Fong Galleries.

-San Jose CA, 05.23.97

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